All About Me!

Hello! I’m Becca Droge, and I am a CALC (certified ADHD life coach).  If you’re reading this, you’d probably like a little more information on my background. So, here it is in question-and-answer style for easier navigation:  

What training do you have?

I am a Certified ADHD Life Coach through the IACT center and am currently completing the requirements to be an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified ADHD coach.  I have a BS in psychology from USU. I have long loved learning everything I can find on human behavior, neuroscience, and psychology in general.  I have been teaching and facilitating courses in relationships, personal development, and parenting for over 10 years.  I am a certified facilitator in Parenting the Love and Logic Way, Franklin Covey’s Speed of Trust, and PREP 8.0: Successful Relationships, Successful Lives (PREPinc).  I have also co-facilitated several other courses, including: Scream-Free parenting, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and The Five Love Languages.

What kinds of clients do you work with?

I enjoy working with clients from all kinds of backgrounds, but there are a few groups I especially enjoy due to my background and life experience. These clients include: military families or soldiers, families with one or more ADHD diagnoses, high-IQ women, and religious/spiritual individuals. (While I have my own faith background, I welcome and honor ALL faith backgrounds as well as those who prefer none.)

Do you have ADHD?

YES!  I was diagnosed at age 38 with ADHD combined type.  During my childhood, ADHD was not frequently diagnosed in girls. Because I was considered “gifted,” I was able to mask and compensate for some of my symptoms, while others were dismissed as “sometimes, smart kids are just… weird.”  However, the markers have been their my whole life—including the report cards with “She’s so bright, if only she would take responsibility for herself” comments.  It got harder to cope with my ADHD in middle and high school (in spite of good grades), and I dropped out of college after my first year feeling like a complete failure. (I finished later).  A couple years after my oldest son was diagnosed, I was researching his ADHD to better support him when I came to a realization.  Like so many others, the more I read the more I recognized myself.  Getting my diagnosis was an uphill battle in an area with very few ADHD experts, but it changed my life.  The shame and frustration and sense of failure I felt for years shifted, and I learned to actually embrace myself, my gifts, and my “weird.”

Where are you from/located?

Uhhhh… all over?  Although I grew up in the Rocky Mountains (USA), I married a military man.  Since then I’ve lived in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, South Korea and North Carolina.  I expect/hope to live a lot more places before we’re done—my ADHD thrives on the adventure of new places and people every few years even though I hate the actual moving process.  Fortunately, coaching is typically done remotely via Zoom or phone so I can work with clients literally across the world!

What is your coaching philosophy?

As a coach, I take a strengths-based approach to helping you find solutions to your problems.  I never want to downplay the issues you face in life, but I have found that when we identify our gifts and talents and use those strengths to leverage our challenges we can find incredible and creative solutions.  I believe that there is strength and beauty in uniqueness, and when an individual puts the energy into discovering and being their authentic self they and the world are better for it.

Yeah, but WHO are you?

I am a lover of psychology, philosophy and music. I am a perpetual learner. I have a husband of 20+ years who I adore—enough to follow him around the world since he is a Chaplain in the US Army.  I have four children whom I also adore even when they drive me crazy.  I thrive on talking to people, learning their stories, and figuring out what makes them tick.  My favorite food is high-end dark chocolate. I read Jane Austen novels perennially, and will happily watch any film adaptation.  I play the piano and sing show tunes for fun, but I am not particularly good at either.  I’m an absolute Disney-phile, and my dream is to visit every Disney park on the planet and take a cruise on each of their ships.  I love to hike and spend time in nature—especially national parks—but don’t make me camp! For sleeping, I need the fancy hotel.  I grew up as number 6 in a family of 7 kids who still mostly think I’m weird, but love me anyway.  I live by faith and spirituality, but will firmly defend the rights of all humans to their own beliefs.

If you think I can be that right-fit coach for you, I would love to work together!  If not, I have connections to some wonderful colleagues, and I would love to help you find a coach who can help you thrive.

Life with ADHD is complicated— but there is beauty in finding the balance, discovering the gifts, and building a life that is as unique as you are. I am passionate about supporting you through your journey to find your balance.