Balancing Imperfection

Life with ADHD is complicated— but there is beauty in finding the balance, discovering the gifts, and building a life that is as unique as you. I am passionate about supporting you through your journey to find your balance.

What is ADHD Coaching?

Imagine your life as climb towards the peak of a great mountain—Not Mount Everest, that one’s taken, but your own, unique mountain.  The journey is difficult, sometimes treacherous, but filled with amazing views and extraordinary accomplishments as you overcome the difficulties along the way.  In order to complete your climb successfully, you might employ a number of experts to help you. You might seek out the wisdom of experts who have climbed their own mountains.  Unfortunately, you can’t hire an expert Sherpa guide—since this is YOUR mountain, no one else has ever climbed it.  You have to become your own Sherpa…

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What is Balancing Imperfection?

When I was a little girl, my family spent a lot of vacation time hiking among the red rock formations of Utah’s (USA) National Parks. Sometimes, the trail was obvious.  Other times, though, we’d be hiking on slick sandstone rock, and the only indicator that you were still heading in the right direction was a small stack of stones placed every few hundred yards.  As a child, I was intrigued by these tiny stone monuments.  They were both fascinating to look at, and a continuous reassurance that we had not lost our path, doomed to die in the dessert and be eaten by vultures (I was a dramatic kid)…

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All About Me!

Hey there! I’m Becca. I am a soldier’s wife and mom of 4 awesome kids. A few years after my first son received an ADHD diagnosis, I received my diagnoses as well. This was a life changing moment, as I began to understand myself, my family, and my story in new ways. I’ve always been passionate about mental health, and I quickly realized that there was a shortage of experts in ADHD within my community. I decided to change that number by at least one, and have spent the last few years learning everything I could find on ADHD with the hope of using that knowledge to educate and help others with similar struggles…

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“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

Zig Zigler

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Living with ADHD

Discover some great tips and information about how to thrive with ADHD in your life.

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